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InterStage, the basis for your creativity!

We build constructions for indoor and outdoor events. In doing so, we give the highest priority to ease of use, flexibility, safety and planning. Our ever more advanced automation contributes to efficient and user-friendly meeting of your wishes during preparation and execution.

In our technical drawing department we work with software from AutoDesk, including AutoCAD. That enables us to quickly provide you with good and clear drawings. Furthermore, with this software we can supply you with impressions from an early stage that give you a good idea of what you can expect.

We are dealers for the Mojo barriers. As a result, we can supply barriers of all types, sizes and quantities, and this provide a professional service for you in the field of crowd control.

Safety comes first and foremost with us. It is on this basis that we develop our constructions and corresponding working methods. Design calculations that we carry out ourselves are therefore always part and parcel of the delivery.

Our staff are at your disposal from the moment of the enquiry through to the after-sales. We aim to invest in a long-term relationship with our clients and therefore regard a project not as a one-off occurrence, but as part of our relationship with a client!

Roofsystems 650 m²
Our Roofsystems can hold enormous rigging loads required when using modern video, sound and lighting equipment. 


Stagebeam is a Layher-based floor system. By means of a laser, the floor is laid absolutely horizontally, irrespective of any irregularity in the ground. A floor can be built in any desired form using a CNC milling machine. That provides a sturdy, flexible, dimensionally accurate and level floor.

Stagedex is a modular floor system characterised by a very short erection and dismantling time. At the same time the floor is sturdy and can withstand normal loads.

Steelspan is a system with a lean and stylish image and a large span. The area under the floor remains accessible for the most part.


With Layher scaffolding system there's a enless possibilitie for every type of structure. 

(Floor) Finishing

We carry out back side finishing and floor finishing. We can provide back side finishing by using flannel in a wide variety of colours. There are also possibilities for hard back sides. Floor finishing can consist of floor covering in various colours, possibly with a plastic protective layer. Other possible floor coverings are ballet floor/vinyl dance floor and injection moulded floors.

Our range of stage accessories comprises i.a. pipe & drape, protection systems, ground supports, rigging towers, stairway systems, rolling risers, cable mats, signing, rigging, handrail systems, stage curtains, decorative walls, bridges and turntables.



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